SMSF investment is an area where strict rules are to be followed creating a need for specialist services. Using the funds from their Super or as long as the SMSF is able to create a LRBA and avail lending (following strict guidelines) Australians are allowed to invest their SMSF money in real estate. SMSF loan is nothing but using your own super fund’s money to get a loan from various lenders (with limited recourse) for investing in property. SMSF investments attract tax benefits and so are more opted for but due to complex SMSF borrowing rules qualified and accurate service is needed. There are many lenders and banks that have strict guidelines with regards to SMSF loans and some lenders steer clear of these loans. We are not only mortgage brokers but also accountants and hence understand the SMSF structure quite well so as to be able to explain to the lenders why lending to a particular scenario may be better and why an SMSF loan has the prospects of being approved.

In some circumstances lenders ask for a financial planner’s sign off and the requirements regarding such an SMSF loan may be tedious in nature. You can consider our services to be of a niche nature and be assured that we can carefully assess your borrowing circumstances and organize a loan for the SMSF. Due to strict guidelines and various steps involved an SMSF loan process is much more complicated than if you were getting a standard home loan.

At first we will help you through the SMSF loan pre-requisites to ensure that you have the capacity to borrow through an SMSF loan. We can help you find a lender offering a loan package for buying residential or commercial property that best suits your requirements.

Using super fund to borrow can help you to diversify the portfolio by adding real estate investment. You don’t need to go through all the rules and complex documentation process our team will help you simplify the process.

We will try to shortlist about 3 lenders for you and provide you with a summary of the different offers from the lenders. All lenders have different requirements to be met and hence we shall carry out the leg work and find out about these requirements and summarize this information in a PDF for your perusal.

We are located in Melbourne CBD and in Hoppers Crossing. Our SMSF loans service is available at both these locations. Kindly contact us if you would like to discuss or find out more about this service.