Loans for Medical professionals

Are you a medical professional?Data shows people in the medical field are low risk borrowers and have stable earning capacity. Lenders consider doctors as high income earner and provide special consideration for doctors in addition to general policies.

With this viewpoint lenders have introduced LMI waiver policy for selected professionals which include medical practitioners. LMI is a one-time fee that bank charges to cover any loss in case of failure to make repayments by borrower.  If you are in the medical profession and fall under the prescribed list you can get the benefit of LMI waiver policy by fulfilling selected criteria. Not all lenders but many of them have this policy and they also provide additional interest discounts subject to certain conditions.

We at A One Loans & Mortgage have already dealt with such LMI waiver loans and thus our team has gained all knowledge of lender’s requirements for getting LMI waiver loan approved.  Our team deals with all kinds of home loan and finances for many other purposes. We do not charge a fee to you.

If you are an Australian citizen or resident, and also a medical practitioner you can borrow up to 90% of the property value without paying any LMI at competitive rates.It is a prerequisite to have certificate for Doctor’s registration with Medical Practitioners Board of Australia or equivalent organizations to be eligible for the LMI waiver along with being among the prescribed list of medical professionals

Once we have the preliminary information  and requirements we will evaluate all the possible outcomes and will provide you with a number of options to go with. After selecting the appropriate lender, we can help you to go through the prescribed pricing process of the lender to discount your loan interest rates to minimum. Our team’s method of working helps maintain constant link between lender and you so that nothing is missed out and we get outcomes in real time. It is vital to prepare the loan application and get all the documents ready in one go to avoid unnecessary waiting in the lender queues for assessment. Being with us, you are relieved from this worry as we have complete knowledge and understanding of the lending policy, products, loan submission and documentation process which are all vital for getting a loan approved.

With us, you can get all information and updates over the phone upto getting loan documents at your door step.  We will deal with the Bank, your solicitor, your accountant, your Real Estate Agent and also the valuer and builder. Through our extensive industry knowledge, we can provide specialist advice for the finance options available to medical, dental and healthcare professionals.